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Practice Managers at the Highest Level Choose VTP

This Missouri native, Georgia transplant and firm believer in education and mentoring is this year's winner of the elite dvm360/Veterinary Hospital Managers Association award.

Gathering an intimate crowd in the CVC San Diego exhibit hall Dec. 9, Judi Bailey, CVPM, happily accepted her award as the 2016 dvm360/Veterinary Hospital Managers Association Practice Manager of the Year.

Bailey, the hospital administrator at Loving Hands Animal Clinic in Alpharetta, Georgia, was congratulated by VHMA president Brian Conrad, CVPM, as interested practice managers and other attendees clapped and asked questions.

Lisa Yackel, CVPM

"V-Tech is without a doubt the best value in a software system I have seen…V-Tech is easy to convert, easy to learn, and user friendly for the staff."
- Case Veterinary Hospital

Scott Zimmerman, CVPM

"It is great to see the program continue to grow with our practice, but still allow us to customize templates and forms to fit our practice. The tech support has been truly outstanding..."
- Dearborn Animal Hospital

Judi Bailey, CVPM

"These people care tremendously about my practice and any issue I have had is addressed immediately with patient, caring staff."
- Loving Hands Animal Clinic and Pet Resort

Endless Features

Vet PMS Customer Support

24/7 Support and Training included in our veterinary practice management software.

All Inclusive Vet Software!

All updates and modules (including Boarding and Grooming) are included!

Endless Vet Workstations

Add as many workstations are you want - no extra fees for adding!

Unlimited Reporting

We offer limitless, custom, and intuitive reporting in VTech Platinum!

Paperless Vet Software

Choose between Paperless, Paperlite, or all the travel papers!

Network Solutions

Server, Cloud, or Hybrid options to fit your desires!

Who We Are

2i Nova, Inc. was founded in 1988 in an effort to bring affordable veterinary Practice Management Software to the veterinary market. Our philosophy revolves around a belief that our existing clients are more important than attracting new clients. This simply means that the usual high level of marketing costs are poured back into creating the best veterinary practice management software support team in the industry.

This also allows us to have the most cost effective vet software on the market today. Please take a moment and browse through our literature.

Our Veterinarians Say

We love 2i Nova! We love their creativity and how they anticipate our needs.
Dr. Robert Hess - Winter Park Veterinary Hospital

No practice management software gives you more for less.
Dr. Phill Lukert - Douglasville Animal Hospital

Leading Veterinary Technology

VTP offers the most wide ranging features of any product on the market today. If you do not see a feature you are interested in listed just call our office and we will add that item to the list. VTP does it all. When looking at software to run your hospital make sure all the features are included in the software you use. Don't buy into the module based software, if all of the product is not included stay away.

You might not think you will ever use some features but if the vet software is efficient, your staff will quickly become familiar with the basics and want more. Then you will pay more for the extra modules and for the updates that have occurred since you bought the product. Never settle because you do not have to. All of the VTP features are included, no modules to buy and no update fees. Again, why settle for plain generic software or fancy module based software, you can have it all. You want features, you got it! This is just a small sample of what you can expect.