Veterinary Support Features

Best Veterinary PMS Support in the Industry

First, when can I get veterinary software support? Second, how well do the vet pms support people know the product? Third, how long until my problem is going to be fixed? Is their emergency support both during hours of operation and after the software company closes? If they offer emergency support, how much additional does it cost and what is the likely response time? Are they a full service company, both hardware and software?

All very good questions, and probably the most important aspect of any veterinary software company. To understand 2i Nova's vet pms support you need a little company background. 2i Nova VTP was founded on the belief that we should give veterinarians high quality feature rich vet software and focus the company resources on the support side of the business. That way, our clients will market the product for us. This standard is still true 30 years later.