Platinum, or "VTP", offers the most wide ranging features of any product on the market today. If you do not see a feature you are interested in listed just call our office and we will add that item to the list. VTP does it all. When looking at software to run your hospital make sure all the features are included in the software you use. Don't buy into the module based software, if all of the product is not included stay away.

Endless Features

No Extra Fees

You might not you'll utilize certain features but if the vet software is efficient, your staff will quickly become familiar with the basics and want more. Then you will pay more for the extra modules and for the updates that have occurred since you bought the product. Never settle because you do not have to. All of the VTP features are included, no modules to buy and no update fees. Again, why settle for plain generic software or fancy module based software, you can have it all. You want features, you got it! This is just a small sample of what you can expect;

You can either view or download our 16 page brochure. If you don't have Adobe Reader, click the link and this will lead you to the download site. The second box downloads the document and opens it using adobe reader.